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B ut I like the freedom people have with songs, the fact that someone will spend the time going through them.”

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Ben Howard at Folk Fest 201

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"The title was something I kept coming back to, it’s a general thing about being in your 20’s, when you start having a look around a bit, at the trends and fads and what kids are doing, and all of a sudden having a consciousness of that…it’s also about myself wondering what my purpose is in it. It’s about an overall confusion."

— Ben Howard on the inspiration for, and the naming of, the new record: I Forget Where We Were (via b-enhoward)
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@ iTunes 2014

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Ben Howard making every song better since forever Live Lounge x x

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Akl, 2/08/14

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That smile.

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Artist: UnknownBen Howard
Title: UnknownEvergreen (iTunes 2014)
Album: Unknown
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Artist: UnknownBen Howard
Title: UnknownIn Dreams
Album: Unknown
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I Forget Where We Were’ has a title very much influenced by themes riled up in the wake of the first record.

“It’s kind of about being aware of what is current and what is now after spending so much time in the music world. No-one really has a clue what’s going on musically or anything like that really, and it’s only with hindsight that you start to realise what has happened and what were the definitive moments in your life or in what’s going on around you. That was one side of it, but the other was my complete lack of understanding for anything over the winter. I struggled with a lot of stuff and just sort of lost my mind a little bit, so it felt like a fitting title and a kind of glimpse of madness.

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There’s something slightly bothering Ben though. While he says he’ll never be locked to one thing musically, he discusses the absence of a particular guitar tone in his music. Bringing up the subject of some obvious guitar heroes who have nailed their strict sounds like BB King and Clapton.  Ben continues, “I just feel like I’m really not very good at that. So it depresses me sometimes that I don’t have the strict sound that I’m trying to achieve all the time, but maybe I’ll get there and hook into something one day and I’ll be like ok, cool, there’s the sound. But I’m playing around with some different guitars at the moment.”

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