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Shelter, as we go.

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T in the Park 2014

his shirt. his guitar strap. his hair. his guitar. 

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Ben and his band making music and magic come alive here.

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forever and always.

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"I laugh with my friends because I don’t know if that means we play the same music as all the shit, or we’ve somehow escaped onto mainstream radio?"

Ben Howard about the mainstream success he’s been receiving (via follaton-woods)
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"The day we put out the album set something into motion that I was no longer in control of. For me it was a huge day of relief, to finally put down something permanent, whatever impact it had. That record has flooded my world with all the good and bad I could have ever hoped for. I can’t explain how different my life is from what it was; there’s not a day that goes by when I’m not grateful or shell shocked."

Ben Howard

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A little incense & my favorite album..
I’m in heaven.

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"I think as a songwriter you write about what you know about. I think there’s a few really bad songwriters that write stuff about what they don’t know about and that becomes really weird so I do’nt know, I know a lot about fields and the sea and you know I’ve spent so much time in cities now that maybe the next album would be some sort of like city songs about like drug dealers and brothels and stuff like that and like hardcore songs!"

Ben Howard

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Anonymous: pleaseeee come in Greece!!!! your music is healing my soul...

if i ever get into contact with ben howard himself, i will let him know for you:) 😊

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never forget.

big big love, Ben and Boris the Van.

"So here’s the pickle I’m in.."

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